Specialized (Community-Based) Victim Support Services

Hollyburn’s Victim Support Program provides a range of support services free of charge to women, children, youth, and men, who have been victims of:

  • Relationship violence
  • Family violence
  • Sexualized assault (recent or historic)
  • Criminal harassment.

We provide service to residents of North and West Vancouver, including Bowen Island. We are also able to support individuals outside these areas who are a victim of the above crimes and the matter is scheduled in North Vancouver Provincial Court.

If you’ve experienced abuse we can:

  • Provide emotional support to assist you to cope with the impacts of crime and trauma.
  • Assist with referrals to; Stopping the Violence counselling, Children who Witness Abuse counselling, Child and Adolescent Sexual Assault counselling, or relevant support to your unique circumstance.
  • Provide information about your rights under the Victims of Crime Act (VOCA).
  • Speak to you about your options if you have not yet reported the abuse and no criminal charges have yet been laid.
  • Obtain/provide/arrange for you to receive case specific information which you may request under section 6 and 7 of the VOCA.
  • Provide information regarding the Criminal Justice process and roles of key parties.
  • Assist you to engage with Criminal Justice system personnel (Police, Crown Counsel, Corrections, etc.).
  • Arrange, facilitate, or accompany you to meet with Criminal Justice system personnel.
  • Support and prepare you for the criminal court process.
  • Provide information regarding your options for travel expenses to court and assist with facilitating travel arrangements.
  • Assist with completion of forms such as; Crime Victim Assistance Program (CVAP), Victim Impact Statement, BC Housing, Income Assistance, and registration with the Victim Safety Unit.
  • Provide support upon conclusion of the case, ensure you are aware of and understand the court outcomes, and have access to necessary follow-up resources.
  • Assist you to develop a comprehensive safety plan.

If necessary, services can be provided during non-business hours and/or in a community setting in order to meet your unique circumstances and needs. Coordinated links with multi-language services will be available when required.

Hollyburn also offers fee for service counselling for individuals who have access to Crime Victim Assistance Program (CVAP) funding. For information on our CVAP registered counsellor, please see the Counselling section on our website.

Individuals may refer themselves or access this services through a referral from a family member, community professional, police officer, or police-based victim service.

Hollyburn Specialized Victim Support direct referral line: 778-855-4566